The Spacing of the Spheres (Greece / Germany)

Philip Zoubek - piano, prepared piano
Hayden Chisholm - alto saxophone
Sebastian Gramss - double bass
Don Stavrinos - trumpet
Giannis Despotakis - percussion, voice
Natalia Manta - digital processing, visuals

16-19.12. Rehearsals
20.12. Concert @ Underflow, Athens, Greece
22.12. Concert @ LOFT, Cologne, Germany

Slowfox & Nguami Maka (Angola)

After extensive research of Angolan music in 2017 in cooperation with many local artists (Grupo Coral ‘Shalom’, Female percussion group ‘Celamar’, Ndaka Yo Wini, Jorge Mulumba, Nguami Maka, Kituxi, Kalandula, Luis Pedro & Tiago, Jack Nkanga, Irina Vasconcelos), the trio paired with the traditional percussion group Nguami Maka from Luanda, creating a unique program for the tour in 2018.

18-19.07. Rehearsals
20.07. Concert @ Palácio de Ferro, Luanda
21.07. Concert @ Fábrica de Sabão, Luanda
22.07. Concert @ Miami Beach, Luanda
23-25.07. Workshops with students of Obra Bella Music School
26.07. Concert at Escola de musica Obra Bella, Luanda (benefit)

Ensemble Modern + Slowfox
Checkpoint III: Jazz@EnsembleModern (2016)

The ‘Jazz@Ensemble Modern’ – an evening with Ensemble Modern – in cooperation with the Jazz Initiative Frankfurt, operates at the interface between new music and experimental, contemporary jazz. It brought together the three famous jazz musicians, John Schröder (piano, guitar), Hayden Chisholm (saxophone) and Sebastian Gramss (double bass) and the musicians of Ensemble Modern, who are well known for their projects that straddle all kinds of borders in the world of pop / rock, jazz and world music, with, for instance, Frank Zappa and Mark Anthony Turnage. This is not a collage of swinging mainstream jazz and a lot of atonal contemporary music; it is rather a common search on the part of the musicians, each drawing on their own individual musical experiences, for an integrated, organic whole, with new experiences and an excitement, which the listener can share.